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How do I play Jackbox games on Amazon Luna?
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Using the Amazon Luna service, you can subscribe to the Jackbox Games Channel, granting you access to a large library of Jackbox games. Using a subscription to the Jackbox Games channel, you can play as often as you want, and across multiple devices supported by Luna.


Please note that the Luna subscription service is built and managed by Amazon. The service is separate from your previously owned Jackbox Games, including purchases on Amazon devices such as Fire Stick. If you require support specific to the service, such as questions relating to account access, you will need to contact Amazon Luna support directly:


Can I play with other people using Amazon Luna?

Yes! You can use Luna Couch to play with friends online even if they aren't subscribers. Luna generates a unique code to provide to your friends to join your game. You will still need to connect via a separate video or voice chat program, such as Zoom, in order to chat.


If I stream, can I still play via Amazon Luna?

Yes! If you're a subscriber and have linked your Twitch account, you will see a "Play on Luna" option on Twitch for easy access to your subscription.


I have a different question about how Luna works, or trouble with my account.

For most other questions about Amazon Luna and the Jackbox Games Channel, you may need to refer directly to their documentation:


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