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I have a question about a hard copy of a game
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Party Pack 7 is now available in hard copy form for PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo Switch. If you've purchased a physical copy of one of our games for your gaming console, we're happy to offer you as much support as we're able! Here are some questions which may arise relating to hard copies of our games.


I bought a hard copy of a game for one platform, but I want to play on another. Can I transfer my purchase?


No, just like with digital downloads, we're sorry but we are unable to transfer purchases from one platform to another.


I think my physical copy is defective, what do I do?


If there is a problem with your physical game - such as a scratched or broken disc - you must contact the retail outlet where you purchased for exchange information.


I want to get a refund or an exchange on my physical game purchase.


We're sorry, but we are not able to assist you with any refund requests for hard copies of games purchased through retail outlets. You must contact the store where you purchased in order to make any refunds or exchanges.


I'm having a technical or gameplay problem with my copy of the game, who do I contact?


We're happy to assist you with issues relating to the game itself. Please open a support ticket, or email us at [email protected] and we'll assist you further!

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